An insomniac site relability engineer for Spotify, founder of the San Francisco Chapter of PyLadies, former vice chair and board member of the Python Software Foundation, and member of the Django Software Foundation.

I have a business degree in finance and economics, but fell in love with programming in 2011. More on my journey about how I became a software engineer can be found in this post.

I like to speak. A lot. I particularly talk on the Python community, as well as the technical work that I’ve done. Email me if you would like to make my talks list longer.

I respond to Twitter faster than email. My projects can be found on GitHub. Publishable photos of me for conferences and such can be found here.

Writings and thoughts on this site are my own.

Tools Lynn Uses

  • Homebrew for managing installations on your Mac OS. Read about Homebrew Demystified on why it’s a very helpful tool.
  • Sublime Text 3 – my go-to text editor. And yes, I have paid for a license. For something I use for hours every day, why wouldn’t I?
  • iTerm – great, feature-rich replacement for the Mac OS’s
  • zshell with oh-my-zsh framework for plugins and configuration. Read this article for why zshell instead of bash.
  • Dash for browsing documentation locally, with doc2dash to generate documentation for Dash’s API.
  • Vagrant to manage all the virtual machines I regularly break.

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