Gold Nuggets: My Bookmarks Collection

by Lynn Root Bash Django git links Python tutorials

I’ve collected many bookmarks related to Python, programming, computer science, etc.  

It’s time I cleaned it out and organized it better.  In the midst of doing this, I found some really awesome sites, libraries, tutorials, etc that need to be shared.  I still have plenty of bookmarks that are great resources, but I didn’t want to inondate readers :). I’ve loosely divided them up by experience level.  Here goes:


  1. Advice on learning how to program.
  2. Model, View, Controller explained.
  3. Basic Python Syntax Tutorial. (Helpful for both new toprogramming in general, and new to Python with prior programming experience).
  4. Colorful Git Tutorial.
  5. Git Tutorial based on missions to complete.

Advanced Beginner/Intermediate:

  1. Git Tutorialfor Scientists (although, you don’t need to be ascientist to get the benefit of this tutorial).
  2. Bash Shell Cheat Sheet (Linux/Mac).  I’m in love with Bash.
  3. Django tutorial:A simple Blog (uses an old version of Django).
  4. bpython: an overlay to the Python interpreter.  Features in-linesyntax highlighting, autocomplete suggestions, displays a list of parameters when calling a function, displays what’s inside of the libraries when you import.  This is a lightweight IDE for the terminal/Python shell.  Awesome!

Experience Agnostic:

  1. Awesome little Python library: checks to see if your Python file is PEP-8 compliant.
  2. Git Widget/Cheat sheet for Mac (lives on your dashboard for easy access).
  3. Listof internet companies that use Python.

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