My New Years Theme

by Lynn Root programming python reflection

I don’t do New Years' resolutions. But I like to take the time and reflect on the past year to declare a theme for next year.

2012’s theme: Be awesome.

I think I accomplished that!

  1. January - March: led a Python study group for Women Who Code.
  2. March: Attended PyCon in Santa Clara
  3. March: Immediately submitted a talk to OSCON after being inspired at PyCon. As well as DjangoCon EU and EuroPython.
  4. April: founded the SF chapter of PyLadies .
  5. May: made the decision to pursue programming as a career and leave finance behind.
  6. June: attended my second conference and gave my first talk at DjangoCon EU.
  7. July: keynoted my third conference! EuroPython!
  8. July: attended OSCON and gave my third talk. Also brought PyLadies to the expo hall of the conference.
  9. September: Accepted an offer from Red Hat as a Software Engineer!
  10. October: Started my first engineering job!
  11. October: My second keynote! PyCarolinas!
  12. November: Gave a talk at RuPy - my first not-just-Python conference. Also gave a free Django/Python workshop for women.
  13. October - December: Mini-bootcamp at Red Hat Czech in Brno.
  14. December: Made it to #4 of Hacker News with my new static blog.
  15. December: Went to Zagreb, Croatia to host a Django + Python workshop!

The events I held and/or led for PyLadies were a lot of fun:

  • Kickoff hackathon
  • git workshop x 2
  • Django workshop
  • Udacity & Coursera study groups
  • Mini-DjangoCon
  • Mini-PyCon
  • Moar hackathons!
  • Contributing to OSS
  • SF Django + PyLadies sprint on Django
  • Writing PyCon proposals

As well as organizing the DjangoCon US scholarships for PyLadies and for the DSF and helping spread the PyLadies chapters in Atlanta, NYC, Seattle, PDX, and elsewhere. A new PyLadies website that I started should be up soon too that will include a PyLady Events Code of Conduct.

What is the theme for 2013?

I had an epic year: met so many fantastic people in the Python world and in the San Francisco community including Python + Django core devs and community leaders; got the guts to give talks (and actually enjoy giving them!); got a job that I freaking love.

So, what will the theme be for 2013?

Be awesome-_r_.

Already lined up is a bunch of talks & conferences: PyCon, DjangoCon EU, EuroPython, and PyCon Ireland.

I have this awesome task of integrating FreeIPA -> OpenShift that at which I will freaking succeed.

Something that I’d like to do more of is commit code to OSS projects. Currently that is the premise of my job, but I’d like to contribute to projects outside of those that pay me.

2012 paved a great road for me to continue down. How could I not continue to be awesome?!

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