You ask why I need to talk about women in the Python community?

by Lynn Root community EuroPython Python


With the pseudo/half baked apology from the original offender, I’ve decided to remove any identifying characteristics.

I had an amazing talk on Wednesday, July 4th at EuroPython.  I maintained my positive attitude; I tried not to alienate the audience (especially the majority being male); I tried to keep the conversation going during the question & answer session and afterwards.  Many men had fantastic questions regarding my subject: increasing female engagement in the Python community. I returned home tonight to find this:

Troubling tweet from @pwang

I JUST gave a talk on yesterday about women & Python. This dude asked me a question on the things men do unconsciously.   WHAT THE HELL I DON’T EVEN! My thoughts are to be continued later after I’ve calmed down and addressed this with the organizers.

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