Seattle Tech Talk

by Lynn Root Facebook talks

I had the interesting experience of attending a Seattle tech talk with Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg. Unfortunately I was too scared to ask him if he felt $70 billion was a fair value for the FB IPO estimate, or if he needed any analysts to help him justify such a number.

But what I though was interesting that he said, beyond all that geeky coding and infrastructure talk, was that he believes the rate of people “sharing” stuff via Facebook will double each year, so within 5 years people will be sharing 32x as many things compared to today.

Is that even possible? ~1024 things/day being shared/liked/commented. We’d have to be FBing nearly every minute.

What I think is more accurate is an exponential growth of a person sharing, then as one gets older, the activity tapers, slows down, and maybe even fall to zero/very rare. What would be important would be to look at that age where exponential growth happens and see how that is growing.

Just quick thoughts post-talk. I enjoyed it, plus the free pizza & booze. Although I wish I could have gotten some free swag…

Mark Zuckerberg @ Seattle Tech Talk

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