Update: PyLadiesSF Debut

by Lynn Root PyLadies

Wow, what an event it was! I’d say we had about ~50 attendees for our first event, which is awesome.  There was so much excitement in the room that I couldn’t even get a chance to hack on my projects!  

Klout had a great space for us, and LinkedIn provided [too much] food. And a huge thanks to Robyn Navarro for taking time out of her schedule to come take some awesome picturesof the event!

I’ve seen some very positive reviews on the meetup site, and I hope this group continues to grow with such energy.  Many women really appreciated the space and time to either learn Python or to hack on projects with new friends.  I even had the pleasure of meeting folks from the Udacity team; I think it’s such a great thing they’re doing: free online classes, specifically CS classes taught with Python.  We scored some free t-shirts too!

Newbie corner @ PyLadiesSF debut

There was about 2/3-ish women with their +1’s. I was really surprised how a few folks stepped up and helped out folks learning Python and Django. For one of the newbie corners, we worked through Learn Python the Hard Way, where people earned stickers for each exercise they completed (cute, huh?). Same theme with learning Django. Who doesn’t like earning gold stars?! PyLadiesSF is hoping to host an event or two in May, including an intro to Python & Django workshop, and perhaps a Speaker Series. Stay tuned!

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