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Need some hands-on help? Want some guidance? Many people have helped me get to where I am now, and I’d like to offer the same. I am available for mentorship, Python tutoring, or technical interview prep.

Professional Mentoring

($25-75/hour - sliding scale)

One-on-one mentoring for professional and personal development in the software industry.

Rate based on a sliding scale! Wish to receive mentoring but the regular rate is a bit too much? Please reach out - let’s work something out!

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Technical Interview Prep


Have an upcoming a technical interview? Let’s get you prepared! Choose how you best want to spend your time with two different approaches:

  • Early in your preparation? Let’s take a pairing approach and walk through the typical interview problems you’ll see.
  • Need some interviewing practice? I’ll give you a “real life” mock interview, then take 15 - 30 minutes for feedback on performance and how to improve.

Areas of focus:

  • programming/coding (any language)
  • data structures & algorithms
  • system design

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Python Tutoring


One-on-one Python-based tutoring.

Want to pair program on a particular problem? Got a tough bug you can’t figure out, or having a hard time wrapping your head around asynchronous programming? Are you a student, and wish a professional engineer could explain some study material and walk through homework sets? Allow me to help!

Areas of focus in Python:

  • algorithms and data structures
  • object-oriented programming
  • web development (Flask, Django, Pyramid)
  • scripting
  • writing libraries and packages
  • building backend services (RESTful, event-driven)
  • asynchronous programming (asyncio, threading, multiprocessing)

Something not listed? Feel free to reach out.

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