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  • Seeking SRE: Conversations About Running Production Systems at Scale

    Co-author of the chapter “SRE Without SRE: The Spotify Case Study” – a history of how Spotify does Site Reliability Engineering.
  • Gordon

    status: alphapython
    In development – A cloud-provider agnostic service for event-driven DNS record creation. Paired with the Janitor, a service that reconciles cloud DNS records against a source of truth and submits corrections to Gordon.
  • Episode #11: Women and Diversity in Python

    In the company of Tracy Osborn and Naomi Ceder, we discuss with the hosts at Podcast.__init__ the current status of the diversity initiatives within the Python community and our involvement.
  • Episode #15: Python at Spotify, PSF, and PyLadies

    In chatting with host Michael Kennedy, we talk about how Python is used at Spotify, my role in the PSF as a Python Software Foundation board member, how I became the founder of PyLadies San Francisco, some of my talks and presentations, as well as shamelessly self-promoting some of the open source work I’m doing.
  • RAMLfications

    status: maturepython
    RAMLfications is a Python package that parses RAML and validates it based on the specification into Python objects.
  • PyLadies Kit

    status: maturepython
    All you need to start your own local PyLadies location! An open-source kit for starting your own PyLadies chapter in your city.
  • New Coder

    status: maturepython
    Five extensive Python tutorials for the new coder.
  • Meet Lynn Root

    I had the pleasure of being interviewed for Your Django Story, a blog that highlights women in the Django community.
  • 35 Under 35 Who Are Changing the Tech Industry

    Glamour’s exposé on the “35 under 35” women who are changing the tech industry, put together by Donna Fenn.

    status: maturejavascript
    Is a lot of your time wasted from derping around on Reddit? Do you find that you have to correct someone when they’re wrong on the internet? Wish that your collected comment karma was worth something?

    Well, I can’t trade you anything for your karma. But I can provide you with awesome d3 visualizations of it!
  • Lynn Root Uses This

    An interview done with Daniel Bogan about my “setup” related to how I get shit done.

    status: inactivepythonjavascript
    Provides users to browse all salaries of foreign-born US residents.