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  • Development Setup for an M1 Mac

    How I’ve setup my developer environment for working on an M1 mac.  
  • asyncio: We Did It Wrong

    | updated
    asyncio. “The concurrent Python programmer’s dream”, the answer to everyone’s asynchronous prayers. The asyncio module has various layers of abstraction allowing developers as much control as they need and are comfortable with. But it’s easy to get lulled into a false sense of security…  
  • Tracing, Fast and Slow

    | updated
    A deep walkthrough of various types of tracing a web service, and how to incorporate tracing yourself.  
  • Spotify’s Love/Hate Relationship with DNS

    How Spotify has designed and manages our own DNS infrastructure, our curious ways in which we use DNS, and the future of boring technology at Spotify.  
  • Diversity: We're Not Done Yet

    We’ve made large strides to welcome more diverse people into the Python community. You see better gender ratios in attendance numbers at Python conferences, the billed speakers, the amount of women-centric programs. We can see the benefits of outreach. But we’re not done yet.  
  • Metrics-Driven Development: See the forest for the trees

    How my team and I focused inward to identify unanswered questions, establish feedback loops, and how to select metrics that are important versus just noise.  
  • I’m a fraud.

    Shh… don’t tell anyone, but, I’m totally faking it…  
  • My Path into Engineering

    More and more often, folks have been asking about how I became an engineer, what my “story” is. So, in the effort to save time and breath, here it is.  
  • Explain like I’m 5: DNS

    As a nerdy person who has many side projects, I’ve had many experiences setting up personal projects for deployment. As I’m sure you have all been through, nearly every time when one does the first git push to Heroku, it doesn’t work.  
  • Explain like I’m 5: Kerberos

    Explain like I’m 5 years old: Kerberos – what is Kerberos, and why should I care?  
  • The New Coder: A Path to Software Engineering

    In a selfish effort to further my understanding, I am here to coach you with 5 “swim lessons”: I’ve written five tutorials for the new swimmer coder. These are meant to build on each other and thread that “concepts for context” for the new guppy in the water, but also be digestible and not overwhelming.