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Soft release of my New Year's project: Salarly

Finally, I can actually do some show & tell!

The US is trying to recover from the economic crises of the late decade. We’re still a bit high on unemployment at 7.8%, and a bit too low with inflation below 2%. People are depressed - job hunting, competing with hundreds of other candidates for one job opening, only to be ousted by the second cousin of the manager, right?

Thought you couldn’t be any more depressed?

I present to you Salarly - a way for you to browse all the internationally employed workers in the United States from 2011 - 2012.

Financial Engineer H-1B salaries

Thought your salary was good? Take a look at what a Financial Analyst can make on an H-1B visa. Or maybe you’re not convinced of the wealth that makes Silicon Valley so popular. Thinking of moving somewhere? How about to where all the engineers are?

Don’t take my word for it, check it out yourself. This is all public data from the US Department of Labor, lightly cleaned up for awful administrative typos, rendered using d3.js and xCharts, some async calls with jQuery, with Django under the hood, hosted on Heroku. Mind you, we haven’t figured out appropriate memory management - I’m certain it will crash/timeout after 5 people make some queries. We’re also not designers - don’t judge.

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